Jewelry appraiser Los Angeles
Jewelry appraisal Los Angeles
Jewelry appraiser
Jewelry appraisal
Jewelry appraisals
The GemSecure Jewelry appraisal (GJA) is a 3-Fold Portfolio measuring 8.50 x 11.00 inch.  All appraisals, certificates
and quality analysis reports include comprehensive, detailed gemological - quality information that is relevant to the item being
appraised. Value conclusions are derived from the most up to date market information.  GJA has an extensive Gemological library for
research as well as subscriptions to all the major pricing publications.  A detailed Diamond Quality Analysis Scale for consumer
understanding is included in all reports.   All GJA appraisals are signed by the appraiser and the appraisers credentials and
qualifications are listed.  The appraisal information is conveyed against a tamper proof, water mark and presented in a protective
vinyl pouch.  

Every GJA appraisal is professionally prepared to the highest standards and observes the Code of Ethics of the American Society of
Appraisers, ASA.  All documents and services offered by GemSecure are provided in conformity with the Uniform Standards of
Professional Appraisal Practice promulgated by the Appraisal foundation, ASA.  

Protect your investment with the GemSecure Jewelry Appraisal - Complete Assurance.
Cutting Proportion & Sarin Light Return Analysis Reports Available
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Providing Appraisals for all Intended Uses:
  • Insurance Scheduling
  • Re-sale Advice
  • Estate Purposes, Dissolution of Marriage & More...
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