Patrick Davis serves as a professional jewelry appraiser / Graduate Gemologist &
Master Gemologist Appraiser when required for litigation support or expert witness

Mr. Davis is a professionally trained appraiser who has the expertise to offer opinions
of value in an unbiased manner to aid the court in reaching an equitable decision.

Patrick has appeared as an expert in cases ranging from dissolution of marriage,
customer disputes with jewelry stores to estate and probate cases. He has consulted
and appeared in a number of high profile, celebrity cases.  

Patrick's  years of experience and extensive gemological knowledge allow him to
express the appraisal process in an understandable and convincing manner that has
helped to win many cases.

Mr. Davis observes the code of ethics of the America Society of Appraisers and
all services and documents offered are provided in conformity with the Uniform
Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, USPAP.

For a list of Patrick's most recent cases, press releases and fee schedule
please contact:
 (310) 821-1453
Patrick walks with famed attorney Shawn Holly after having appraised the
alleged stolen necklace in the Lindsay Lohan vs Komfie case.   Patrick
was assigned as the appraiser and consultant for the case.
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